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It is Finished: The Pattern

It is Finished

Part 2: The Pattern

(John 17:4, Matthew 11:29)

A pattern of _________ others. (John 13:15)

A pattern of _________. (Luke 4:40)

A pattern of __________. (Mark 1:27)

A pattern of __________. (Luke 2:52)

A pattern of being led by the _______. (Matthew 4:1, Gal 5:16)

A pattern of ____________. (John 6:4-6)

A pattern of ___________. (Luke 6:38)

A pattern of _________. (Mark 4:38)

A pattern of _________. (John 16:23-24)

Key: Serving/Healing/Authority/Maturity/Spirit/Provision/Generosity/Peace/Prayer

Discussion Question

1.How can you serve others like Jesus?

2. What is something in your life that you can release control of to be more in line with a pattern that Jesus demonstrated?

3. How can we pattern our life to help others in our current circumstance?

4. How can we create a pattern that will lead to our own spiritual development?