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Marriage at The Light

The Light aims to be a church of strong, healthy marriages. We believe great marriages don’t just “happen” but are “made” by placing God at the center, committing to healthy communication and adhering to biblical principles. It is our desire to see a church filled with couples who are equipped with every tool necessary to have a successful lifelong union. With that goal in mind, The Light provides on-going marriage enrichment classes, retreat/conference opportunities, and one-on-one mentoring with proven couples who have applied God’s love and Word to their challenges and have created a healthy and strong home.

**Please note: it is encouraged for couples to constantly INVEST in your marriage with classes/retreats to ensure a healthy home. So whether your marriage is struggling or stellar, please attempt to attend a session at least once a year. Consider it “continuing education” for the most significant human relationship you will have on earth.

*If you need marriage counseling or have questions of how we can serve you please contact Suzanne at [email protected]

Meet our Marriage Directors

Rex and Suzanne